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 Techtile (2019)


Role: Creative Technologist/Designer
Duration: 15 weeks (Current)
Platform: Arduino

Tools: RFID, Neopixel LEDs, Fabrication


  • Software architecture bridging sensor input with LED output and communication/synchronisation between Arduinos

  • Experience and interaction design

  • Poster and half-sheet concept and illustration


An interactive experience that merges technology with tactile play, combining together the Children Museum’s philosophy of “playing with real stuff” and the ETC’s philosophy of “learn, work, and play.” Using the central theme of play, and working with the middle school students in the space, the installation will foster curiosity in technology though tangible interactions.

Techtile is currently installed and actively playtested within the MuseumLab located in the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh and is a pitch project by me and Marissa Doerger, Nidhi Ramanathan, Emily Kovalik and Daryl Choa from the Entertainment Technology Center, CMU.

For updates and additional information on our progress, check out our team webpage here:

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