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Emojis: The New Hieroglyphs? (2018)

Role: Programmer / Motion Designer / Set Lighting
Duration: 3 weeks
Platform: Informational Kiosk

Tools: Unity / After Effects / DMX Lights


  • Conceptualized and edited entire video based on recorded dialogue.

  • Choreographed movement of elements in video.

  • Timed and designed DMX lighting to video.

Comparing hieroglyphics to emojis, this project presents an informational video to guests within an Egyptian themed kiosk. Thru-put and engagement were particularly important to this project; DMX lights were used to mark certain moments within the video and direct attention back towards it.

A video was composited within After Effects, and to incorporate the display panel better into the themed set pictures were taken of the actual walls and used within the video itself.

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