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box pox (2019)

Role: Programmer / Effects / Theming
Duration: 3 weeks
Platform: CAVE

Tools: Unity / DMX Lights


  • Programmed gameplay and interactions

  • Designed environment lighting and effects

  • Designed atmosphere and interface

  • Ideation and experience design

A cooperative 2-person experience within a CAVE themed as the inside of a submarine, each guest performs a unique task and must collaborate to explore the environment and discover the mystery of a sunken keep.

We were interested in exploring replay-ability as part of the narrative design, and experimented with incorporating several paths for the guests to explore that reveal audio tidbits and breadcrumbs of the story. Each path ends in their "death", yet they awaken once more in the beginning; with each attempt more of the story is revealed.

In creating the atmosphere for the experience, I wanted to experiment with using simple geometry for the contamination to juxtapose against the rather realistic environment and invoke a sense of tension and unknown. The goal was to create something that felt alien and slightly intimidating yet alluring, as we wanted the guests to feel unnerved at seeing the contamination yet compelled to investigate as part of the in-experience prompts and narrative.

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