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Project: McUltra (2019)

Role: Programmer / Animator / Designer 
Duration: 3 weeks
Platform: Themed Kiosk

Tools: Unity / Phidgets / Touchscreen


  • Designed and programmed interactions 

  • Animated moving parts and nugget limbs

  • Ideation and concept

Using a steampunk themed kiosk, guests utilize both digital and physical controls to manage a user interface system for mass producing experimental chicken nuggets in a dystopian future, manipulating the population based on the ingredients used.

Physical controls, like knife switches and toggles are mapped to digital elements, and the two screens were designed to be a two-part process of manufacturing the nuggets and then sorting and processing them for distribution.


This made full use of the touch screen controls, allowing guests to drag nuggets around with their fingers, while also making use of the display panel as an interactive display of both the status of the system and where the feedback for most of the physical controls occurs.


The response for each interaction, whether physical or digital, is then partitioned by which screen the feedback is shown.

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