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Scaredy Cat (2018)

Role: Designer / Programmer / Environment
Duration: 2 weeks
Platform: HTC Vive + Controllers + Tracker

Tools: Unity


  • Designed game mechanics in a multi-disciplinary team

  • Programmed core gameplay mechanics

  • Animated cat jumping movement within Unity

  • Environment design and lighting

  • Overall story and theming

​A VR game where guests help a scared alley cat get to a meal, and ultimately a new friend.

While designing the layout and look of the world, it was challenging to create a convincingly dark backalley while making sure important elements were not lost to the guest.

To indirectly lead guests to key objects in the scene, heavily stylized volumetric lights cones were added to highlight things like the fish and the hiding spot of the cat. Many types of lights were layered together to supplement the volumetric light cones.

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