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 monolith (2018)

Role: Designer / Programmer / Environment
Duration: 1 week
Platform: Jam-O-Drum

Tools: Unity


  • Procedurally generated environment

  • Drawing and tracing gameplay mechanic

  • Cinematic scripting within Unity

  • Story, environment/lighting and world building

A story-driven experience projected onto the Jam-O-Drum, an audiovisual collaborative platform where guests play on drum pads embedded in a shared tabletop surface.


Monolith tells a tale of Man's hubris and how it leads to the creation of Society, and their subsequent enslavement to the society of their own design.

As a projected piece, a lot of the environment was built to create more depth, and environmental objects either emerge from the ground or fall from above, making the flat projection seem more three dimensional.

Tree, bush, flower and rock models were sourced from the Unity asset store.

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